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Luis is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The informal leader of the Steeltown refugees, Luis was originally an eastern plains homesteader, back when the Plains Gangs pretended that they signed a peace treaty with the Patriarch.[1] Now he's upped the stakes and moved west, hoping to find work over at the Steeltown arcology. Trouble is, the arcology's on the fritz, the refugees are stuck outside the gates, dying by inches, and Bennie Bianchi is slowly stringing them along with promises of future work.[2] Luis has had enough.


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Luis offers a lot of background information on the socioeconomic situation of Steeltown.


  • Flushed: In lieu of fixing the situation wholesale, Luis asks the Rangers to help make the situation more bearable for the refugees by securing a proper toilet.


  1. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Where are you displaced from?"
    Luis: "Out east, along the Colorado border. The Patriarch's peace with the gangs of the plains was supposed to make it safe territory, so we went homesteadin'. Now, though, seems the gangs've forgotten the peace exists. They've been comin' for settlers like wolves come for sheep. No choice but to up stakes and run. And this is where we ran to. Course, now we're hearin' that the gangs are comin' here, so we may have only delayed our demise."
  2. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Is Bennie Bianchi the hologram you were talking to?"
    Luis: "Yeah, Markham's 'happy talk' mouthpiece. Always tellin' us Steeltown needs us. Sure it does, but not enough to give us four walls and a roof. We're dying by inches out here."