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Luke Samson was the founder of God's Militia.


The Salvation Church was founded in 2027 by a man called Luke Samson (better known as the Red Samson among the faithful). Samson was just a mere scavenger, but his transformation came when he discovered an old VHS tape that belonged to a televangelist. The charismatic contents of the tape made him a neophyte of a peculiar form of Christianity, interpreted through the lens of a violent, uneducated man with a sledgehammer in his hand.[1] Believing that the world was stuck in the midst of a thousand year tribulation, Samson set to rally people to his faith. Though brutal, he has gained a sizable following and managed to secure a territory for his church.[2] Dubbed the Angelus Temple, it became the first seat of God's Militia.[3]

However, the violent nature of the faith have led to problems. Around 2052,[4] Angelus Temple was set upon by a large mob of people fundamentally opposed to the policies of the Church and burnt down to the ground. The survivors retreated under Samson's lead towards Griffith Park, establishing the Bastion of Faith in the Griffith Observatory. Samson himself perished sealing the tunnel used for evacuation.