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Machine Intelligence Tower is a character in Wasteland 3.


A hum rises from within the tower. It rises and changes into a booming simulated voice.

The Machine Intelligence Tower is a combination of 999,993 distonct machine intelligences that lead the Machine Commune. Not all the minds are minds as we might understand them. Some-are-state-of-the-art military intelligences. Others ensured that bread was not burned during toasting. Additionally, the Machine Intelligence Tower is also connected to the other minds in the Commune and retain backup copied for individuals who fear their 'bodies' maybe destroyed.



WL2 Skill Icon Hardass.png This character is involved in quests.
WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png This character has other interactions.

At first meeting, the MIT will assess your Ranger party, taking into account a LOT of interactions. These include:

  • Reaction to Greet-O (surprise is neutral, positive increases your standing)
  • Reaction to Little Sparrow (participating in INVENTIVE, VIGOROUS SEX counts as a plus)
  • Reaction to Indigo Rouge (complimenting it is a plus)
  • Reaction to SAL (opinion is irrelevant, treating her as a sentient being is a plus)
  • Dealing with Tinker (Kiss Ass 4 and setting her on the road to peace is a plus)
  • Having cybernetics installed is a plus.
  • Repairing Vendomatic 2000 is a plus.
  • Saving Morningstar is a plus.
  • Dealing with October-11 (letting it go is a plus)

If you are accepted as a trustworthy human, it is worth an achievement: I, Human.


  • Reagan Reborn: The MIT has the Cybernetic Transfer Module that can be used to transfer Reagan's AI into Valor.
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