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Magee is a mechanic from Damonta.


The other half of the duo of hardcore mechanics from Damonta, Magee is a spirited bombshell who married Hopi at the Canyon of Titan. Together, they operate Damonta's finest (and only) mechanic shop.


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This character has other interactions.
  • The Rangers can aid the pair and save them from the robots. Magee has a small shop set up and will offer the Rangers some of her wares.
  • If the player helps out Magee and Hopi while saving Damonta, the duo will join in on the final assault against Matthias.
  • The player can trade Magee a gun to repair Big Betty and get it as a reward.
  • If the player does not rescue them and provide a weapon to cannibalize, a Thresher Clawer will break into the garage and kill them both.