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Maggie is a nun serving penitence at the Samson's Snack Shoppe in Wasteland 2.


A one-time idealist from Pacoima who actually believed in the preaching of the God's Militia, Maggie came to Los Angeles to find salvation. All she found was debauchery and conflict. Punished for disobedience with a post as a glorified fry cook, she waits for the opportunity to escape and be rid of this horrible life.


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This character starts quests.

Help Maggie by freeing the penitents (with Kiss Ass 10, she will offer the quest)

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This character has other interactions.


As you enter through the heavy gate, to the right there is a small shack; Maggie is there. As you approach, she will call out to the rangers; a quick cut scene follows and then she will talk to you.