Man is a generic name for an unarmed male civilian in Wasteland 2.

Player interactionsEdit

A bunch of injured men and women who are three in number each, can be found in Dr. Scott Warner's clinic after you save Highpool from the Wrecking Crew, for which they will thank you.

They are very weak and the player can treat them if they have the Surgeon skill. One of them is named Ed, the name of another is Silas.

A man can be found in the Infected Village, trapped inside a jail cell with the Sheriff, Big Jake and 2 women. He will thank you after you free the survivors.

A man can be found recovering at Doctor Baum's clinic in the Temple of Titan. Five men can be further found in the underground hospital of the temple being treated upon by Dr. Sidney Kyle. You can use the Surgeon skill on him to gain experience.

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