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Led by Mr Manners, the Mannerites pay great attention to etiquette and proper behavior. They also eat people, following the red meat with a bit of red wine.


The Mannerites and the Robbinsons were formed when two brothers were scavenging a Los Feliz bookstore. One brother found a book entitled The Nauseatingly Correct Guide to Manners, while the other brother found a book called Maximum Power. The two cults have been feuding ever since. The Mannerites have been far more successful due to their control over the Angel Oracle (Los Angeles Public Coliseum) and access to advanced farming techniques, solar panels, and a well organized society in general.

However, there are drawbacks to being a Mannerite, beyond being simply nauseatingly polite. Each month, one of their own is selected for public execution, depending on how many transgressions they have. The one with the most offences against propriety and politeness is summarily executed using a cage and bulldozer-mounted chainsaws. His body is then consumed by members of the Mannerites, to provide protein and tighten the bonds between individual Mannerites: Partly because of being a very literal interpretation of the Christian communion, but mostly because cannibalism is frowned upon in the wasteland and anyone complicit would naturally be inclined towards staying silent and work for the Mannerites.

Contrary to what may seem, Mister Manners is a title, not a person. Whenever the current Mister Manners meets his end, the Mannerites convene and elect another leader from among themselves.


The Mannerites are one of the most influential factions in the Los Angeles area. Their patrols are responsible for much of the law enforcement in the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The Rangers will have to deal with them one way or the other, as they control one of the three powerful radio antennae necessary for spreading the signal to the rest of the California wasteland. Matthias will also attempt to turn the Mannerites against the Rangers, by running false flag operations, slaughtering Playa Del Rey and attempting to do the same in Baldwin Hills.

Technology level[]

The Mannerites are one of the most advanced factions in the wasteland, fielding an army of Civility Enforcers clad in reinforced tire armor and armed with high end weapons (both conventional and rayguns), as well as having set up extensive agriculture in the ruined coliseum. Energy is provided by a battery of solar panels erected on the tribunes, while water is drawn from the wells beneath.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Mannerites are the polar opposite of the Robbinsons, based on the popular guides to correct etiquette.
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