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Marginalia is a quest in Wasteland 3.




Raw strings[]

Look for clues about Michael's murder.
Bring Toynbee to Justice
Investigate Michael's treasure hunt to find his murderer
Success - Toynbee brought to justice and safe found
Confront Toynbee about Michael's murder
Find the Hidden Safe in Fairplay.
Investigate Toynbee, Curie, and Siegel
Michael Morengo was murdered. Dr. Christie has asked you to investigate and bring the murderer to justice.
Check Michael's possessions for clues.
Toynbee attacked you over the safe. She is definitely Michael's murderer. Time to serve up some justice.
In investigating Michael Morengo's murder, you find that he was investigating a lost treasure.\nFinding the treasure may lead you to his murderer.
Toynbee was brought to justice, and you found the safe that she and Michael were searching for.
You found the missing page in Toynbee's possession. If she knows about the treasure hunt, she may know about the murder.
You've solved Michael's murder, but the treasure is still out in Fairplay.
The last person to check out the Fairplay Gazette was a staff Librarian.\nSee if Toynbee, Curie, and Siegel know about the treasure or the murder.
The note from Michae's notebook says \"Outlaws of Old Colorado - pg 143.\"
Page 143 of \"Outlaws of Old Colorado\" says that an uncrackable safe went missing. A note in the margins mentions the Fairplay Gazette 1.
Fairplay Gazette 1 has a story circled about a house built at 4th and Clarke where a brothel once stood. A note in the margin mentions Fairplay Gazette 2.
Fairplay Gazette 2 is missing the Obituaries page. Maybe someone has it.
You found the missing page from Fairplay Gazette 2 in Toynbee's possession. She is probably the murderer.
The missing page of Fairplay Gazette 2 is an obituary for the owner of the safe. His birthdate 1-2-3 is circled.
Toynbee has agreed guide you to the safe's exact location.
Toynbee says that only she knows the exact location of the safe at the address in Fairplay.
You took Toynbee into custody so that she can show you where the treasure is.
Fairplay Gazette 2 was last checked out by staff Librarian."