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Martin Hogan is a Merchant available at Temple of Titan.


Hogan administrates the Diamondbacks' stockpiles of weapons, armor, and ammunition, ensuring that they never run low.


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This character has no special interactions.
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This character is a merchant. Sells: * If Diamondback Militia seizes control over the Temple of Titan, Hogan will become the designated weapons and armor merchant, offering items from the armory at fair prices.


Item Quantity
Tactical Vest 2
Combat Armor 1
Combat Knife 1
Crowbar 1
HK33 1
.38 revolver 1
M-37 Pump Action 1
Pipe Bomb 2
LAW Rocket 1
.30-06 ammo 65
.38 ammo 75
.45 ammo 75
12 gauge ammo 75
5.56mm ammo 75
7.62mm ammo 50
9mm ammo 75
Energy cells 75
Medic Pack 10
Advanced Trauma Kit 8
High Powered Scope 1
Light Weights 1
Long Barrel 1
Shovel 1