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Massacre site is a location in Wasteland 3.


A sinister spot in the middle of nowhere. What happened here? Blood and viscera stains the location all over...

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the place where countless men and women lost their lives. Marvel at the desolation wrought by... A honey badger. That's right. Here you can recruit the ultimate animal companion with Animal Whisper 10, a creature that can take a beating and hits like a monster truck. Be sure to loot the corpses for some great loot.
  • Four digsites requiring high perception to find (12 is enough). Two of the digsites can contain high-tier loot.
  • There are two groups of three corpses each. The first group indicates that there was a meeting of three different gangs - Collectors, Payasos and Godfishers. But the point of interest is another group of three separated corpses in the middle area where mighty beast roams. Their loot table contains of a variety of items which can help to identify this corpses and one predefined weapon. It is possible to get SOCOM Assault Rifle from Collector's corpse in the middle, Chainsaw Sword from Godfisher's corpse on the right side, and, finally, the left corpse, Payasos, has the widest array of items, making his weapon the hardest to get. But, well, to such a high-level meeting, clown brought an Uzi.

Notable loot[]