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Meson cannon is a hostile robot appearing in Wasteland 2.


A heavy Meson cannon mounted on a wheeled robotic chassis, designed for providing fire support to Dugan's forces - or whomever else happens to acquire one. The cannon is capable of producing a focused energy beam of 1.21 gigawatts, capable of destroying bunkers, mining tunnels, and a variety of other applications.[1]


Meson Cannon is an enemy first appearing in the Salt Lake Park along with 3-4 workerbots, and then encountered sparingly throughout the California chapter. It will focus on one of your characters and fire a high damage beam after 4 rounds (1st round: choosing target - 2nd and 3rd round: charging - 4th round: firing) that penetrates everything, so don't have your focused character in the front or behind of your squad. It is recommended to strip your targeted character of armor since the damage is energy weapon based and take higher damage with heavier armor. There is a unlockable door with some random loot inside the bunker next to the ambush in Salt Lake Park (and also one in Long Beach). By placing the targeted character in front of the bunker's door, the Meson Cannon will destroy the door and make it possible for you to loot it.

The Meson Canon have a lot of health and there are a few way to destroy it before it can kill your squad. 1. Hack the workerbots and they will attack the Meson Canon and he will focus them instead of your squad. 2. Move your squad close to the Meson Canon and it can no longer focus on you. Hit it then with melee weapons until it dies, or 3. Hit it with energy weapons for high damage and/or buy a RPG from the merchant before the battle to deal a lot of damage on it and the Workerbots. If focused correctly it will drop from full health to 0 in 2-3 rounds.