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Miriam Knox is a character in Wasteland 3.


The middle-aged woman murmurs quietly to herself, her hands clasped in prayer. When she notices you standing nearby, she looks up, and you see tears streaming down her cheeks.

Miriam is the head of the Knox family, who is currently trying to keep hope that her husband, Hardee Knox, will come back from Aspen in one piece. Given the recent occupation by Victory Buchanan, it might be a little tougher than it seems. Given that the Knox family supplies half the meat Colorado Springs needs from its bison ranches out east, it might be wise for the Rangers to do everything in their power to save him.

Of note is the fact that Miriam was born as a Bleu and the Bleu family had a vicious feud with the Knoxes, before the marriage between Miriam and Hardee mended the fences - somewhat.


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The Psychopath

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