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Mister Manners is the leader of the Mannerites living at the Angel Oracle.


An impeccably polite man, Mister Dick Manners determines the course the Mannerites take, of course, as long as the proper manners are respected. He keeps cats and fears that he is a failure, due to the fact that he does not have a functional toaster.

The prim and proper exterior is a mask, however: Manners is a jealous man, vying for a woman belonging to another man (Elizaveta) and is not above petty power plays to get what he believes he deserves.


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This character is involved in quests.

Many. See below.


  • Mister Manners will accept toast.


  • Save a condemned man - or not: Mister Manners is a crucial element of the quest. Starting this quest is necessary to actually talk to him.
  • Bring Mr. Manners Tori Robbinson's head: Once the conspiracy is exposed in the above quest, Manners will ask the Rangers to assassinate Tori.
  • Let Angel Oracle know that Rodia is open for trade: After gaining access, Mister Manners is the person to report to.
  • Help Mr. Manners find an alternate source of meat: If the player learns of the cannibalism perpetrated at the Angel, they can offer to help find an alternate source of meat.
    • It is possible to not be offered this quest with certain dialog choices in the cannibalism line of inquiry.
      • To fix this problem, break into the meat locker in the building next to Sam "The Cook" Posten's kitchen and smash the cooling unit inside. Once you make your way to the bottom of the Coliseum, Mister Manners will make an announcement about the spoiled meat, allowing you to continue this quest.