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Monster Army Bunker is a location in Wasteland 3.


The original home of the Monster Army, long since abandoned in favor of the Bizarre.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the home of the Monsters! The barred door requires Lockpicking 8 to get through or Nerd Stuff 4 to hack the console. The second door falls prey to these ministrations too. In the lobby you'll have to fight through four Sawpups and a pair of laser turrets. After they're gone, loot the area, including the broken toaster(Toaster Repair 5).
  • You can repair the generator with Mechanics 5 to access the northwestern wing. Down the corridor - watch out for the laser tripwire (hovering your mouse on it will show a red icon instead of hand icon, but you can still click it to disarm) - is the local robot storage with four bomb hoppers (called shots to the explosives are godlike). Loot the chamber for some commando armor pieces.
  • The western wing contains a safe (Lockpicking 7) with some unique loot and the first switch for toggling the laser fences barring entrance to the movie theater.
  • Down the eastern corridor - with two mines (Explosives 4) - lies the next hub. Inside is the Sawpups' big brother, the Sawdog. To reach the cinema room, hack the computers (Nerd Stuff 5) or lockpick the doors (Lockpicking 8). The western chamber contains loot, the northern traps (Explosives 5 required for all) and a locker with some high level loot (Lockpicking 5) and a container with a collectible tape at the far end.
  • The cinema theater is the final stop, defended by four laser grids. To recap, the levers are: In the dead-end corridor leading west from the lobby, in the "basement" area with the bomb hoppers, in the control room, and in the storage chamber west of the control room. The theater has not one, not two, but THREE robots that require defeating: A Shockdog and two Drilldogs. After defeating them, loot the area.

Notable loot[]