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Mother Nancy Reliance is the most recent leader of the Gippers.


The leader of the Gippers is a soft-spoken woman who is married to God President Reagan, like her other fellow Nancies. She is, however, even more bloodthirsty and fanatical than them, being responsible for casting out The Wyman for daring to speak her mind and suggesting that Mother is interpreting Reagan's words in a manner that suits her agenda (because, y'know, democracy means you get rid of the people in your way). She is also as ruthless as the cheap copy of the American president she worships, willing to overwrite Valor Buchanan's mind to provide Reagan with an ambulatory shell - and then install him on the throne of Colorado Springs, so that she can manipulate the puppet for her own ends.

Of course, Mother Reliance herself denies all that and pretends that she's simply a faithful devotee, who stood at Ronnie's side for half a century. She claims that this length of service means she can divine his decisions before he even makes them - and that there's no reason to actually bother the God-President with anything beyond the most trivial of matters.

She's also an avid gamer and reacts to anyone trying to tamper with her games or daring to interfere with her high scores.


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This character is involved in quests.

Reagan Reborn

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This character has other interactions.
  • When you first meet her, you can use Kiss Ass 4 to politely request an audience gain +1 reputation with the Gippers.
  • If you recovered Morningstar, this will also lead to an unique interaction, where he will pipe up during the "trial" and get on Mother Reliance's nerves. You can use Kiss Ass 5 to lie and conceal his identity or admit who he is, earning a -1 to Gipper reputation.
  • During the audience, you can remark on being communists, which allows you to use Kiss Ass 5 to backtrack and gain a cheap +1 with the Gippers.

Behind the scenes[]

People do rather get the wrong idea about us. I can’t say I mind.

Let us be underestimated and ridiculed. They think our Ronnie is dead and never coming back, and they are wrong. They accuse us of seeing communists in every shadow, and well, they’re right. But so are we.

Make no mistake, dears. We are surrounded by the vestiges of the Evil Empire. They have turned our great nation into an irradiated graveyard and they expect us to weep. But we are steel, sisters. We do not bend, nor do we rust. We endure.

So let them laugh at us. We are the wives of the God-President, and we will endure until he returns to us. Until then, his Great Work lies before us, unfinished.

We will arm our sons and our daughters and teach them to hunt Communists and snake-tongued Socialists. From birth, we will turn our children’s hearts to unyielding stone. With our blessing, they will bring peace back to the world, one bullet at a time.

We do this in the Gipper’s name. Amen.

~ Fig quote