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Mysterious Cave is a location in Wasteland 3.


A cave deep in the heart of a mountain.

Points of interest[]

  • This area is only marked on the world map if you find the Provost and have the Owl of Minerva in your inventory. It will automatically appear on the map and you can head there (note, you can just grab the owl from inventory and then collect Provost from the Warrens. Once on location, simply head inside and down the tunnel to witness the ceremony and receive the Illustratio perk. There are a couple of diggable spots throughout the corridor too.
  • The NPCs involved in a ritual are marked as Knights Kadosh - a reference to a Freemasonic degree or ceremony of initiation. The term "Kadosh" is derived from the Hebrew word "קדוש", which means holy or consecrated.
  • Like all Masonic Degrees, the Knight Kadosh Degree attempts to teach the initiates a series of moral lessons by the use of allegory and symbolism. "The lesson of this degree is to be true to ourselves, to stand for what is right and just in our lives today. To believe in God, country and ourselves."