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Signed up 'cause they said they wanted to make the world a better place. They lied. All their talk of God and doing good is just an excuse to kill whoever gets in their way. They kill for power. They kill for greed. They kill for the love of killing. I killed a few of them on my way out, but not enough.

Brother Neil Thomas is a recruitable character in Santa Fe Springs in Wasteland 2 and a member of Angela Deth's rogue Ranger squad in Wasteland 3.


'Wasteland 2[]

Neil Thomas is an ex-God's Militia gunner who became disillusioned by the corruption in the church. He wanted to do good in the world, and after he left, he hung up his guns, not seeing any group that seemed to have the interests of the common people at heart. Now, however, having heard the rangers' recruiting call, he's decided to find out if they are worthy of his skills. During this time, he worked alongside Pistol Pete in killing various Militia soldiers.

Two years after Team Echo's visit, Thomas interacted with Angela Deth during her recovery phase, reminiscing about his time in the old God's Militia, and reflecting on what good came from the new Militia.[1]

Wasteland 3[]

Thomas wound up joining the Rangers and eventually returned to Arizona with Angela Deth. When Colonel Deth decided to go dark, he followed her, working behind the scenes to depose the Patriarch.


Wasteland 2[]

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This character is a party member.


  • Neil Thomas will offer his services to the player at the Santa Fe base after the second radio call and intervention request, independent of the litter count.

Wasteland 3[]

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This character has other interactions.

Member of Angela Deth's Ranger team.




  1. No Way Home p.29-30: "“I’m sure by now you’ve heard I used to be in the Militia myself, and now, I am not.”
    “That’s the rumor,” Angela admitted.
    “It is the truth. The old Militia was corrupt. They used God as an excuse to kill whoever they wanted to grab power.” A large man wearing a pink tutu stood out in front of the casino; he waved at Thomas as they walked past, and Thomas waved back. “I will not be a part of that perversion of God’s laws.”
    “I also heard you and Ranger Pete killed more than a few Militia soldiers.”
    “We did.” He looked at her then. “Does that bother you, Captain?”
    “Less than you might think,” she answered honestly. “I heard what good came of it, too.”
    “This way,” he said, leading her down a side street. “I would not be allowed in the city if things had not changed. Perhaps my head would be, but only on a pike.” He chuckled."