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Neutralizer is a shotgun in Wasteland 3.


This newly-developed weapon was made extra heavy to offset the kickback from its explosive shells.


Despite preinstalled Explosive damage, it is possible to convert this weapon to other damage types (Fire, Cold or Energy) by using the appropriate weapon mods. This won't add a second damage type but replace the originally installed Explosive damage.

Damage can be increased from various bonuses. Also Explosive damage provide +99 Armor penetration, which negates target's armor completely.

Explosive build example
Applying all bonuses (+8 Damage +60% Ranged damage +95% Explosive damage) leads to the following result:
  • 224 - 318 damage against all types of targets.

Field stripping results[]


Gifted by Zero Pricely, a worldmap merchant affiliated with the hundred families. His spawn locations are in the western parts of the map, in the Rocky Mountains or Aspen Outskirts.

To receive the the Neutralizer as a gift, you must pass a skill check (Kiss Ass 7) and your reputation with the Hundred Families faction must be "liked" (or better).


  • The Neutralizer is based on the Neostead 2000[1].