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Neutron Projector is a sniper rifle in Wasteland 3.


A deadly weapon. But if you only pull the trigger halfway, it just makes the target infertile.


The Neutron Projector is an energy-based sniper rifle which makes good use of energy cell ammo by doing an impressive amount of damage per shot. However, the traditional strengths of energy weapons (ignoring enemy armor and doing increased damage to robots and synths) are somewhat wasted on a sniper rifle, as they usually have high enough penetration to deal with robotic or heavily-armored enemies as is - all the while the -30% damage dealt to organic opponents remains an unpleasant drawback which might encourage the player to use the .50 caliber rifles instead.

If, however, your team's sniper happens to be specialized in Weird Science as well, then the neutron projector makes for a great weapon choice that holds strong all the way until the endgame - its reduced damage can be easily negated through the bonus from the skill and ensuring that critical hits appear as often as possible - as well as putting precision strikes to good use.

Field stripping results[]