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Newt is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


Newt is the daughter of a Steeltown employee, who was hired by Markham. Conditions of the contract forced Newt and her mom to conceal the latter's diabetic problem, which they managed by smuggling insulin doses into the complex with every letter they exchanged. Problem is, since the lockdown was enacted, Newt found herself unable to deliver new insulin doses to her mom and is afraid she's going to go into shock, fast.


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This character has other interactions.
  • The Rangers can offer to deliver the insulin to her mom (if Fame: Well-Known, she will insist on doing it herself) or use Kiss Ass 5/Mechanics 6 to encourage Newt to take her chances with the vent in the scrapyard and sneak into the complex. Inside the Factory, the Rangers will have additional encounters with Newt while completing the War-Bot, requiring Kiss Ass 7 to encourage Newt to keep going. After resolving the encounter with Crow and Ludlow, on your way to the elevator you'll encounter Newt with her mother, Ellen, who rewards you with 10 Tellurium steel.
  • If you do not complete these steps, Newt's mother is found dead in the connector between the loading bay and the laser assembly hall on the Factory Floor