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Nobody's Fools is a quest in Wasteland 3. It's the opposite of Sand in the Gastank, aligned with Cordite, rather than the Marshals.


Ironclad Cordite thinks a Scar Collector who has fallen out of favor with Steel-Trap might give us something we can use against him.


  • This is the alternative to dismantling the gangs for the Patriarch and requires killing The Mechanic once you bring Cordite to the area. After the Patriarch's mole bites the dust, Cordite will reveal his plan to unite the gang. Your first step: Go and confront Steel-Trap. With Ironclad in your party, you can just waltz up into the compound and confront Steel-Trap. Cordite will challenge Steel-Trap to a duel in the demolition derby arena. Steel-Trap will demand that you demonstrate you are one of their team by either killing a rebellious slave in the punishment cage or getting modded at the Suture Self Insta-Surgery Kiosk the Collectors use. It's free cyborg tech for whomever picks it (but gives a major HP malus for an hour). The Trial by Demolition is on!
  • However, Cordite will shortly reveal that Steel-Trap won't play fair, so you can't either. Time to do some negative campaigning to disentangle the Payasos from the Scar Collectors. Talk to Beta Master at the Collectors compound. You can press him to learn that he hates Steel Trap and has dirt on him, but won't part with it unless you either pay him 2000, deliver a Bikini Heat 3 VHS (he has parts 1 and 2, wants to know the ending) or use Hard Ass 7 to make him squeal. The tape is found conveniently tucked away in a level 10 broken toaster near the exit to the mines.
  • He will reveal that he stashed the tape is found at the Scar Collector mine, at the far end (or nearby, if you have Nerd Stuff 10), near Dee Sharp. If you have it already, you will be paying for the betamax player he has, so that you can play the tape. All that's left is heading over to Lecherito and showing the tape to him.


Raw strings[]

Nobody's Fools
Gather dirt on Steel-Trap around Yuma County Speedway.
Convince Beta Master, a Scar Collector at Yuma County Speedway, to give up his intel.
Find the tape in the Scar Collector Mine.
Play the tape for Lecherito in the Payaso garage at Yuma County Speedway.
Find a device to play the tape somewhere in Yuma County.
Convince Beta-Master, a Scar Collector at Yuma County Speedway, to hand over the betamax player.
Attacked gang compound
Played the tape
Cordite perma-dead
Turn Los Payasos against Steel-Trap so they won't support him in the demolition derby.
Ironclad Cordite thinks a Scar Collector who has fallen out of favor with Steel-Trap might give us something we can use against him. We should talk to some of the people in the slave pen for leads.
Beta Master, a creepy Scar Collector lieutenant, has a tape that could be harmful to Steel-Trap. He won't hand over the dirt easily. He's willing to spill if we bring him a hefty bribe or a video tape called Bikini Heat 3. Who knows where we'd find that?
Beta Master revealed that he hid the tape in a vault somewhere in the Scar Collector Mine. We'll have to fight our way through Steel-Trap's goons to get it.
Once Lecherito, leader of Los Payasos, hears what's on the tape we found, he won't lift a finger for Steel-Trap. We just have to play it for him in the Payasos' garage.
We found an old tape in the Scar Collector mine. The only reason someone would lock something like this in a vault is if it holds some high value intel. Just need to find a way to play it back.
Beta Master has a player for the tape we found, but he won't hand it over easily. He's willing to spill if we bring him a hefty bribe or a video tape called Bikini Summer 3. Who knows where we'd find that.
Cordite's mission to take over the gangs is doomed now that we've attacked the compound.
Lecherito went ballistic when he heard the tape. He won't attack Steel-Trap openly, but he won't interfere in the destruction derby.
With Ironclad Cordite dead, a direct assault on Liberty's compound is the only option.
A Scar Collector slave brought one of Steeltrap's lieutenants to our attention. Beta Master might be disgruntled enough to help us - with the proper motivation.
Turns out we just needed to turn the screws a little tighter. We growled, and he gave up the location of the goods.
We found the Bikini Heat 3 video tape. We should bring it to Beta Master.