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Cheyenne Hub is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


The Observation Level was once where Cheyenne scientists monitored the Holy Detonation. Now it's where the Primorialists have their camp.

Points of interest[]

  • This is the hub area for the entire DLC. Upon entering the main chamber for the first time, you get to witness the Nucleists fleeing from the Primordialists once they spot the Rangers, with Angel Iridium entering the cooling vats to gain a brief reprieve from the radioactive heat. After the dust settles, you can talk to Proteus and Polyp, to get the lay of the land. Inside the chamber there are also multiple merchants, providing gear and other necessities for the DLC.
    • The stubborn crate in the center requires using Bezoar's skin flute and knowing the tumor song from the locker in the mushroom lab at the Research Level.
  • At the southern end of the level is an irradiated pump that can give unlimited stacks of Holy Radiation Icon StatusEffect HolyRadiation.png debuff. By the pump are exits to The Holy Detonation Chamber and Power Storage Facility. To get to the areas necessary to progress the plot, you need to backtrack to the hub entrance, the antechamber, and use the consoles there to access the Security Level to the south and the Research Level and Loading Dock to the north. When you return from your first meeting with Proteus, you'll intercept a nice little radio chat. Curie will also offer updates whenever you return from completing one of the quests required for constructing the device to capture Iridium.



Notable loot[]

  • Surge Blaster: In the stubborn tumor crate. Use the skin flute and the melody found in the mushroom lockers to unlock.
  • Visor frame and Infused Uranium Crossbow recipe: In the level 9 toaster near Iridium.
  • Grimy cassette: Inside a container, near the entrance to the power storage facility and the holy detonation.


Concept art by Dan Glasi

Behind the scenes[]