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Old Survivalist Bunker is a location in Wasteland 3.


Located directly beneath the opulent Broadmoor Heights, the Buchanan survival bunker is where Isaac Buchanan rode out the nuclear war and from which Saul Buchanan launched his campaign to bring Colorado under his banner. Now it serves a more sinister purpose, as a black site where the enemies of the Patriarch disappear.

Points of interest[]

  • The old bunker, constructed by the Prudent Planning Company as a luxurious accommodation for the Buchanans. So much for the mountain folk ethos. Your first stop is the disused hydroponics bay, where you'll run into the first group of mercs. You can choose to intimidate them to leave with Hard Ass 7 or bribe them with Kiss Ass 6: $400 or a Hard Ass 4 check for one bullet each will make them leave.
  • Out east is the lounge, opulent, expensive, and rife with mercs. You can disable the door with Sneaky Shit 6 to make sure that you get the drop on them. If you completed Aspen or you have a high fame, you can listen to their conversation to get another boost to Ranger fame. There's also a cyborg chicken here, up the stairs. Along the southern wall is a broken toaster(Toaster Repair 6) with a Tarjan token and a locked door. If you repair the generator (Mechanics 4) you gain access to the mechanical room. Inside are several hoppers, Grey's Anatomy a First Aid skill book, and other loot. Use the generator (Mechanics 6) and you can access the ventilation duct leading to Ironclad Cordite. You can slip him some shells to gather a valuable ally.
  • Back in the lounge, head east to reach a mined junction (Explosives 8 is required to disarm all traps). To the north is the Clouds-Drifting-West area, near the living quarters for the mercenaries. These won't walk away, but you'll be able to demoralize them with Hard Ass 5. Talk to Clouds to dig up some dirt on the Patriarch. Check the western, Lockpicking 8 room, to grab Fuckin' Fred.
  • Finally, reach the southern wing through the door to meet Ironclad Cordite. If you gave him shells, he'll rip off the cage door and kill one merc at the start of the combat. Loot the mercs and check the bathroom (Explosives 5 trap) for a full set of savage armor.