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Order Up is a quest in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


Cookie, the refugee camp cook, needs meat for the soup kitchen. The Rangers don't have to go out and hunt, merely get the Steeltown factory to release the allocated meat supplies. However, the Rangers will learn that huning would have been far easier.


  • Starts when you talk to the refugee cook, Cookie, about the food in the loading area. The refugee food supply is running low and a handful of frozen goats will only go so far. The camp cookie, Cookie, put in a requisition for food from inside Steeltown and it got as far as being moved into the loading area just inside the gate, but the bots won't let him take it and feed everyone due to a paperwork snafu. Cookie wants you to go inside and talk to the Organic Maintenance Coordinator and straighten things out.
  • Now, this is a red tape nightmare quest. Go to O.M.C. Walsh to ask about the crate, who will mention that he knows which crate you're talking about - and will promptly refer you to Clerk Jerry for pre-authorization. Jerry will send you to Clerk Hurley to get authorization, who will send you to Clerk Doe for verification, at which point you have to go back to Hurley (you can use Mechanics 9 to reboot Doe's workstation and cut to the chase). Now you just have to return to Walsh... Who will promptly send you to Hurley to get additional verification (you can cut the loops down by using Hard Ass 9 and threatening to start shooting). Thankfully, this is the last hoop to get the box released.
  • Return to Cookie. He will now become a food vendor and offer a mean chili, cricket bars, and the goat horn stew.


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