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Paint Mines is a location in Wasteland 3.


An area of colorful canyons, whose clay was long ago used to make pottery.

Points of interest[]

  • From the starting area, head north (mind the four level 7 mines). At the junction, perception will reveal a passage through the snow that you can take to fight some growlers and razorbacks in return for some exoskeleton legs and other loot. Your goal is in the cave to the northeast, Wind-that-Tangles and Nikki, part of Disappeared.
  • There is a strange interaction here with an RV and an antenna. It appears to be transmitting message in morse code ("REPORT ON RANGER ARRIVAL MONITOR ONLY DO NOT ENGAGE PLAN UNCHANGED BLUE COPY"). Unkown if this does anything in the game or if it's simply a quirky/unfinished interactive object.


Notable loot[]

  • Exoskeleton Legs: Buried in the snow, behind a hidden passage, near razorbacks and growlers.