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Patient report: Saul Buchanan is a Lore book in Wasteland 3.


A recent medical evaluation of the Patriarch, written by Dr. Nash Parker.


“Patient continues to experience tremors in both hands, muscular rigidity, and loss of balance. I have observed cognitive changes as well, such as irritability, impaired judgment and decision-making, and moderate depression. All symptoms are worsening at a steady rate.

It is my opinion that Mr. Buchanan is suffering from the so-called ‘shaking palsy,’ for which there is no cure. At the current pace of symptom progression, I would estimate that Mr. Buchanan will be completely incapacitated within two to three years. Dementia is also likely.

In my professional judgment, Saul Buchanan is no longer fit to carry out the responsibilities of his office. A successor should be found as soon as possible.

Nash Parker, MD”

At the bottom of the document, someone has scrawled in an unsteady hand, “Absolute nonsense. Remove Parker from my service and find a new doctor.”,