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The Patriarch's Marshals, or the Marshals, are a faction in Wasteland 3.


Led by Sheriff Daisy, the Marshals enforce the Patriarch's laws in Colorado Springs and - when necessary - beyond. They're a paramilitary force, similar to police, but a little rougher around the edges.





  • Marshals are the principal force of the Colorado Springs and reckoning with them is necessary to obtain their loyalty.
  • The effects of the reputation are as follows:
    • Hated:
    • Disliked:
    • Neutral:
    • Liked:
    • Loved: Enables Showdown at the Broadmoor (peaceful transition of power) if Hundred Families also have Loved reputation.
Gaining reputation
  • Choosing to kill the Dorsey prisoner yourself during your first interaction with the Patriarch (+1).
  • Thanking the Patriarch in the initial meeting (+1).
  • Saying "Sir yes sir!" after the Patriarch's mission briefing (+1).
  • Be gentle at the first meeting with Sheriff Daisy (+1)
  • Arresting Isaac Reed and handing him over to the Marshals (+5).
  • Arresting MacTavish and handing him over to the Marshals (+5).
  • In MacTavish office you find a letter in one of his lockers. Talk to Sheriff Daisy before you confront Brygo (+1), you can kill Brygo and his gang after that and still get (+15) for completing Big Trouble in Little Vegas.
  • Complete Big Trouble in Little Vegas by arresting Brygo (+10) and handing him over to the Marshals (+5).
  • Compliment the Marshals when talking to B. B. Gunn (+1).
  • Compliment or the Hard-Ass 3 option while speaking to armored marshal enforcer at the gates of Downtown Colorado Springs if you did Arapaho Caravan first during Heads or Tails(+1).
  • When you get the option to erect a statue commissioned by the Patriarch via radio, choose to dedicate it to his largesse (+1).
  • BoS Complete the Steeltown quest and retain Markham in control (+20).
Losing reputation