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Patriarch's Palace is a location in Wasteland 3.


Located at the opulent Broadmoor Heights, the Patriarch's Palace is the nucleus of his power and the center of his might. It's also a really snazzy place.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a large interior area, with you starting in the lobby. Wipe your feet, please, no need to get the floors and the carpets dirty. The Patriarch's throne is straight north, at the top of the staircase in the throne room. You can access the dining room through the trophy hall to the west. A Perception check will reveal a hidden record in the desk.
  • The Patriarch himself is at the throne, flanked by elite protectors. You can talk to him to receive a few answers (and...troubling reveals). Up to the northeast are the quarters of the elite guard, with a computer that manages duty rosters. You can hack it with Nerd Stuff 7 to reassign guards on duty in front of the family wing and a grenade crate. This allows to access them.
  • The family wing is off-limits under normal circumstances. It can be accessed if you have Victory in your party, or by hacking the Duty Roster Terminal upstairs.


  • Adoption records: Melissa Howe: Hidden item in the office. This will reveal that Saul ordered an orphan recovered during a Godfisher raid would be presented as the legitimate heir of Claire Howe.
  • There are two Crates behind the front desk in the lobby, looting these will cause the Guards to become Hostile.. From what I can tell Each Crate is usually Full of Equipment that is ranging from 1 level below you to 2 levels above you.
  • Tier 21 randomly generated weapon from the lockpick 10 safe in Liberty's room.


  • the hex on the in valor's room translates to RedBoots The Bst Boots I Believe In The ReBoots My Feet Will Know Them Need To Stay Awake.
  • C15H15NO2S is the chemical formula for Modafinil which is a drug used for narcolepsy. It seems valor has trouble staying awake.