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Pico is a character in Wasteland 3.


An uncharacteristically docile Slicerdicer, Pico is an amateur programmer working on a program to teach the Communards how to fight. Due to the lack of anything resembling fingers, it is forced to program by whistling at the computer's microphone and transmitting the code that way. Sawblades don't work well with keyboards. This is a relic of his time as a programming robot for Badalicious Games: Pico originally had a more functional chassis, but the owner of Badalicious bought a Slicerdicer chassis for promotional purposes.


WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png This character has other interactions.

With Nerd Stuff 3 you can inquire as to his preferred programming language. With Mechanics 4, you can inquire as to his nature as a slicerdicer.

You can also help Pico with its training game, VisPacem 64. After playing with it for a while, you'll notice that Pico always tries to talk it out. You can then use Nerd Stuff 7 to reprogram him to feel less compassion for people or Hard Ass 6 to make it reconsider its priorities in battle. The former will make him more aggressive in combat, the latter will make him break down and delete the game after you try it out again.

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