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Laban's Rest is a location in Los Feliz.

Contains a safe opened with the code 24278375 (it's unknown if/how this code may be obtained without peeking at the data files). The safe contains The Story of Samson Part 3 and a unique weapon mod, Cappen RPCDX.


Laban's Rest is a small inn devoted to helping the Aspirants preparing to take the Gauntlet of Samson and join God's Militia if they survive.


Julianne CappsToasterChris, King of GamblersAlex BermudezDoctor Charles ClericManny Wong's poker chipsLos Feliz
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Julianne Capps (behind the bar) is the owner of this place.

In conversation, you can Kiss Ass/Smart Ass (L8) when asking about church. After that, when you try to exit conversation, she will give you 2 medic packs & a Sledgehammer (Wasteland 2).

Chris, the King of Gamblers, the man/woman(?) in front of the bar owner, is the King of Gambler. Chris is the thief wanted by Manny Wong (Hollywood).

Do not talk to Chris about it. In the end, Chris will offer you to pay for the Chip. You can Hard Ass him (L8) or just find the chips in one of stashes in the room in the back.

Alex Bermudez is the person at the other end of the room. He asks to join you team to rescue his brother Luiz from the Bastion.

If you give a Snake Squeezins (Wasteland 2) to Doc Charles Cleric, he will show you a shrine location on your map.

The bar also contains the toaster item, House of Pies menu.