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Power Storage Facility is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


At one time this was Cheyenne's power storage facility. Now the Nuceists perform sacred rituals there.

Points of interest[]

  • The final, maze-like level at Cheyenne features a good number of optional locations. Iridium breaks free of her bonds shortly after entering and runs off, so it's up to you to reach Abbot Deuterium. The main hall has four drools, which can be eliminated by stepping on the floor plates to open the cages and lure them to toxic waste (quite well worth it and saves a few bullets). The main door to the ritual area is to the north, with a smaller, locked garage door (Picklock 7) leading to a small chamber with a computer and a level 10 locked safe with a recipe for the Infused Nuke Smasher. The computer allows you to lock down four of the seven enemy spawning hatches, using the 25178796314 sequence or just Nerd Stuff 9.
  • To enter the main room, you need to return to the Proteus first.
  • The southern chamber contains an area where the cultists are performing various experiments on animals. On the table is a level 10 broken toaster with the Accelerometer, while the rear storage chamber contains the unique flesh fist.
  • The reservoir area to the east contains three radiation angels, who can be peaceful if you have a significant amount of Holy Radiation in any of your Rangers and babble like crazy. The reward is a number of Nuke grenades.



Notable loot[]