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For the power armor in Wasteland 2, see Power armor (Wasteland 2). For the one in Wasteland 3, see Power armor set.

Power Armor is the best armor in Wasteland. Decribed as a giant, black suit of armor. A character with this equipped will be pretty much immune to damage except for Base Cochise and some very strong monsters.


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Powered by a portable nuclear reactor, the LE-L1 power armor suit is the most powerful combat armor ever made, rivaling the Space Shuttle in technical complexity. It is a marvel of structural engineering, capable of functioning like an extension of one's body despite the amount of armor plating it carries. The helmet is fitted with indicators and displays requiring additional training and effort to utilize properly. Its only drawback is that it requires great physical strength to operate, due to the extreme demands it places on the users body.[1] They also require calibration and experience in use, as the sheer power of the servomotors is enough to kill people outright.[2]

LE-L1 power armor is also capable of integrating a number of additional peripherals, like remote drone control systems allowing the user to seamlessly command robotic allies (unless hacked).[3] Protective shield emitters to defend against sudden assassination attempts can also be integrated, but are prone to fizzling out due to strenuous activity.[4]

Considered an immense rarity in the wastelands, power armor has been generally limited only to the highest technology factions. In Arizona, it was exclusively used by the Guardians of the Old Order, renowned for painting their suits black. These have fallen into Desert Ranger hands after the fall of Guardian Citadel. Although they have proliferated somewhat in subsequent years, especially after contact was established with California, manufacture is almost unheard of. The only suits to have successfully manufactured after the Great War come from Steeltown.[5] They are an incredibly important asset for the Patriarch's Marshals, and his elite guard is rarely seen without them. Arapaho convoys carrying these suits are commonly targeted for this reason.[6]


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