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Protect Highpool from the Wrecking Crew is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Highpool is being attacked by a sizable group of Wrecking Crew raiders. The goal is to protect them all.


  • This quest largely completes itself as the Rangers make their way through Highpool, wiping out the Crewmen. Note that leaving without defeating them and fixing the reservoir will cause the reservoir to flood, and knock Highpool out of the Rangers' orbit.
  • The second part comes when Sean Bergin asks the Rangers to clear out the Wrecking Crew stronghold. Once that is completed, the Wrecking Crew is considered neutralized.
  • If you dig up his son's grave, he will attack you the next time you speak to him. This can make it impossible to hand in the Protect Highpool from the Wrecking Crew quest and claim your reward. Be sure to complete this quest first, before you go grave robbing! This can also be circumvented by ensuring Kate preston becomes Mayor of High Pool.


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