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Do not be alarmed, friends. The blessed radiation has devolved the Proteus's speech beyond the ability of the uninitiated to understand, but I can translate for you. Ask your questions.
~ Polyp

Proteus is a character in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


The most evolved of the Primordialists, Proteus has left its humanity behind long ago, becoming a mutated pile of flesh with scarcely anything to differentiate it from the other mutants roaming the wastes. Save, perhaps, for the intellect it posseses, which he uses it guide the Primordialists through Speakers, specially trained members of the Primordialists who can understand it.

The Proteus describes itself as the devolved protoplasm of many Primordialists, coalesced into a single undifferentiated mass. The cultists believe Proteus - they - are also the salvation of humanity, and the end of all conflict, as when all are one, there will be no 'other' left to hate.

Fun fact: Proteus does also rely on physical storage, such as for security codes granting access to the reactor. It is literally tattooed on one of its inner members, and would require killing to acquire it.


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Concept art by Dan Glasi