The Proton Ax is definitely the most powerful melee weapon in the game. Armed with one, your character will grin and scythe down pretty much anything in his path. With high brawling skill, luck, strength, and agility, plus some super-heavy armor such as Pseudo-chitin armor or Power armor, the character will be able to go toe-to-toe with Base Cochise robots, the Scorpitron, or even the Night Terror in Finster's Head.


The following locations are known to have a Proton Ax:

  • Las Vegas - In a building near the center of town (to the southeast of Faran Brygo's place, and accessible without having to fight the Scorpitron if you approach from the east). You'll know if you've got the right place if you're suddenly attacked by insects. There will be a Mercenary, a couple of Snipers, a Hired Gun, and a couple of "Combat Hackers" (same pic as a slicerdicer). One of the Combat Hackers has the Proton Ax. Incredibly useful to get in the mid-game if you're not using the super loot bags exploit.
  • Guardian Citadel, Outer Sanctum.
  • Super loot bags exploit. The only way to obtain more than two Proton Axes without re-installing game areas.


  • Interestingly, proton axes can be found in the Old World Blues DLC to the 2011 game Fallout: New Vegas. This is likely a reference as the Fallout series takes heavy inspiration from Wasteland.
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