Pseudo-chitin armor


Armor Class 10
Buy / Sell $5000 / $2500

Pseudo-chitin armor is one of the toughest armors in the game, second only to Power armors .

Armor ValueEdit

AC: 10. Characters in Pseudo-chitin armor can wade through most fights without much trouble: most things in Vegas and outside Darwin won't even touch you. The robots at Base Cochise will give you a serious run for your money, however.

Wasteland 2Edit

Pseudo-chitin armor
WL2 Armor Pseudo-Chitin Armor
Armor Class 10
Min Strength 7
Combat Speed -.6 + (-.2 for each STR below 7)
Buy / Sell 1500 / 450
Weight 15
Tier Armor_Tier_6_Heavy