Quartz map

Quartz is a small town that suffered extensive damage from the nuclear attacks, yet managed to survive. Although located far from the large military targets, this tiny community was affected by earthquakes and low-level nuclear fallout. But in its feisty, small town way, Quartz quickly resumed normal life. About the only trouble Quartz has these days is with bandits.[1]

Despite being located further off to the North West from more humble settlements, Quartz is still quite safe to traverse through even for a starting party. One may wish to visit the Emporium early on to get a head start on proper gear; making the starting tasks much more easier.

This game location might correspond to the real-world location of Quartzsite.





Quartz EmporiumEdit

Quartz Emporium (Store) SW Corner


Dr. Quack's emergency clinicEdit

Hospital Gray building in NW with antenna on it

Wasteland 2Edit

The location is mentioned in [[Wasteland 2][. It was cut off from rest of Arizona by radiation clouds some time after 2087.


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