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Radiation detection rod is an item in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


Originally used by Cheyenne's pre-Deluge scientists as a wearable warning system that turned yellow when they absorbed radiation, these rods - made of lab-grown synthetic diamond - are now worn by the followers of the Holy Detonation as badges of honor to prove they've worshipped in the presence of their god.


Map Amount Location
Cheyenne Mountain Entrance 5 Level 10 broken toaster.
9 Crate inside garage.
Observation Level 60 Sold by Goiter.
35 Rewarded by Goiter for Jailbreak quest if sided with Father Bezoar.
45 Rewarded by Polyp for Jailbreak quest if sided with her.
30 Rewarded by Mitosis for giving her Pitchblend's bracelet.
30 Rewarded by Goiter for completing Heart of Glass, High Voltage and Shooting Star.
15 Rewarded by Theodoric Curie for completing Undercover Angel (Nucleists dead)
Loading Dock 3 Crate in storage room.
5 Crate behind Explosives 8 EMP mine.
5 Lockpick 7 truck.
20 Final chamber.
4 Crate near Food Storage Vault.
13 Crane Controls room.
Research Level 5 Crate near Genetic Research Lab.
2 Locker inside Genetic Research Lab.
11 Hidden room inside Genetic Research Lab.
12 Lockpick 8 container in adjacent storage room in Mycology Lab.
30 Large container in Particle Accelerator Chamber.
Power Storage Facility 11 Behind Lockpick 7 door in Electrical Control Room.
5 Container in Animal Research Lab.
4 Container in Water Reservoir.
30 Large container in Power Generator Room.
20 Container in Power Generator Room.
The Holy Detonation Chamber 11 Container near entrance.
9 Container in K.E.G. room.

See also[]

  • Carbon fiber - Cult of the Holy Detonation armor crafting component.