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A radio tower in the middle of nowhere located East from the Ranger Citadel.

Background[ | ]

A small section of the Arizona surrounded by steep cliffs, the only feature of any importance is the radio tower that is still in operational shape, which the Desert Rangers had adopted into their communications network. Little else can be found here, though at some point someone built a small house, that was later abandoned again. There are also some caverns that have become home to the few animals.

When the Rangers started receiving long-range radio transmissions as the atmosphere cleared up, they picked up several transmissions that caused them serious concerns. In order to track down the source of the signal, the Rangers intended to set up a network of 3 repeater units in order to triangulate the signal's transmitter.

Ace was given several repeater units by Hell Razor, and was tasked with installing these on 3 radio towers throughout Arizona to set up this network. His first stop was the radio tower, but after installing the repeater unit he caught by a steel monk. Ace was critically wounded in the encounter, but managed to damage his assailant enough for it to lose a leg and retreat to a cave, where it completely broke down.

After Ace's funeral, General Vargas instructs Team Echo to finish Ace's task, but also to find out the identity of his attacker. Their first stop is the radio tower, where they are to retrieve the missing repeater units and investigate the scene.

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Layout[ | ]

Exit to world mapAce's Ranger starSecret honey badger caveSecret honey badger caveSpyke Alpha and his merry band of raiders (Kiss Ass, Hard Ass, Smart Ass options)Page from Ace's notebookRadio tower with a hooked-up repeaterCave with the dreaded toad (and the repeaters Ace was carrying)Synthetic legSpray paint for Brass KnucksCave entrance (WL2 Radio Tower Map
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The area is simple, centered around the radio tower itself with a hooked-up radio repeater. When Team Echo arrives, it is under control by a bunch of fumbling raiders. The player can either dispatch them, intimidate them with Hard Ass, confuse with Smart Ass, or convince them to join the Rangers with Kiss Ass. (Any other nonviolent ways of dealing with the raiders now make them join the Rangers as well, you can also turn in for a reward as you would any other recruit) The last option also earns an additional reward from Evan Hawco. The radio tower itself can be repaired using Computer Science or Mechanical Repair for foreshadowing.

  • Searching the caves the player can find a cat statue (+1 skill point for all team members) and a cave with a horned toad guarding the remains of the synth that killed Ace. The body also holds the repeater units the player was sent after.
  • Optional loot that unlocks additional interactions at the Citadel include pages from Ace's log book (two, one near the cave with the cat statue and another near the dead synth) and Ace's Ranger star, which can be returned to the Museum for a reward.
  • After talking to Red Baychowski at the Prison, the player will receive a report that robots were sighted at the radio tower. Heading over there will result in an encounter with three robot killers and three robot clawers.
  • Finally, there's a hidden cave with four honey badgers near where Spyke stands. Obviously, going in at a low level will result in pain and suffering for the Rangers.