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The Rail Nomads camp is a former rail yard that is used as a camp by the Rail Nomads, with a community of drug addicts and hobos located nearby.

Background[ | ]

The camp is built from various rail cars and support buildings in what was (presumably) a prewar train yard. There are numerous intersections and switching stations and the rail cars are from a variety of different train types.

While many of the residents state "there's only one tribe" the camp is segregated between the rival Atchison and Topekan factions with the Atchisons Living in more squalid conditions. There are also several smaller hobo and junkie gunslinger encampments.

Both the two factions suffer attacks from the Rail Thieves who have set up their camp between the two opposing factions.

The camp, like most things related to the Rail Nomads displays a cultural theme that combines aspects of Native American tribal customs and depression era labor union culture.

Notable characters[ | ]

Layout[ | ]

The camp is divided up into two primary areas. These are the main camp area used by the Topekans and the Atchison camp to the northwest. The main camp is further broken down into several areas where rail cars have been converted into homes and facilities as well as a meeting hall containing the Golden Spike.

Topekan camp[ | ]

World map exitRadioactive mushroomsGraveyardScotchmo, a recruitable NPCJessieRalphy ParkerKate BowlingAnna the prostituteLibrary, contains the Demolitions skill bookJessie at the playground. After saving Ralphy, she will be in danger of getting killed by the bike bombHell Razor's body, contains his notebook and badgeThe turtleScotchmo's stashThe drug dealer who asks for radioactive mushroomsHolliday's storeGorkinovich's barExit to Atchison campQuarexTrain car containing the Blade Runner novelAethewulf's UtopiaGenerator powering the town hall lighting. Can be disabled to sneak in and take the Golden Spike before the Cutters place torches.Town hall and Master KekkabahThe Topekan engineerSide entrance to the town hall, can be used to sneak inSide entrance to the town hall, can be used to sneak inRadio tower in no man's land, only used if the player loses both Highpool and Ag CenterThe turtle's bounty, will only appear if the player follows the turtle to this locationParker family home. Ralphy will be available here as a recruit if the player saves him.WL2 Rail Nomads Map
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Atchison camp[ | ]

Topekan campRail thieves to be eliminatedRail thieves to be eliminatedRail thieves to be eliminatedRail thieves to be eliminatedCasey JamesJessieTrader selling the CDi for QuarexChisel (recruitable NPC)Holliday's store suppliesBrake shoe, hidden inside the swing (has to be destroyed to acquire)Atchison camp: The well in the center can be repairedMelissaWL2 Atchison Camp Map
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