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They didn't jump you on the way here? You're lucky. If the Topekans weren't our worst enemy, the rail thieves would be. Lazy bastards don't want to work. They just want to steal what we've worked for. Used to raid the trains, now they wanna strip 'em for scrap. Worst thing about 'em, though, is that they're gettin' in the way of our feud. Hard to go out on an honest raid against the Topekan camp when we gotta watch behind us for an ambush from those lame-ass banditos.
~ Casey James

The rail thieves are one of the constituent tribes of the Rail Nomads.


The rail thieves are one of the many bands of raiders that infest the wasteland. In their case, they focus on stealing goods from trains, but now that the Atchison/Topekan conflict has shut down all rail traffic, they've taken to dismantling rail cars and rails for scrap.