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Ralphy Parker is a Topekan teenager who lives in Rail Nomads camp in Wasteland 2.


Ralphy is a cheerful, curious young man from an impoverished family. Despite growing up in the middle of a blood feud that has killed family and friends, and despite never knowing his father, who ran away before he was born, Ralphy always seems to see the bright side of things. Ralphy is secretly in love with an Atchison girl named Jessie.

Ralphy can become a Ranger Recruit and join your party. While Kekkabah would usually not allow one of his tribe to leave, he states that "in this case you'd be doing us a favor." Indeed, many of the tribe shares the sentiment that Ralphy is mostly a useless child and that not having to feed him is a help to the tribe. His comments in the Ranger Citadel and in various locations echo this, presenting Ralphy as a somewhat wide eyed tribal kid "lost in the wasteland."

While his starting combat skills are somewhat low, his high starting Toaster Repair skill and moderate Animal Whisperer skill can make him useful for filling gaps in your team's skill set.


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  • When you first time come to Rail Nomads you see a small cut scene where Jessie asks you to save Ralphy, who fell into the nearby river. You can save his life by knocking down a pillar with the brute force skill, a shovel or dynamite allowing him to escape. Just talk to his mother Libby Parker after that and you'll be able to recruit him. Warning: You can "accidentally" kill Ralphy by knocking down the incorrect pillar.
  • Letting Ralphy talk to Jessie near trapped bike before leaving the area will allow you to bypass the smart/kiss/hard ass skill checks when talking to both chieftains about ending their feud.
  • Ralphy's father can be found at the Canyon of Titan at Checkpoint One. When approached, a cutscene will trigger during which the father will tell Ralphy who he is, what he did, and why he did it, before promising to blow himself up to clear the shame. A Smart Ass Ranger can convince him to atone for his actions by working for the family, rather than killing himself.