The now famous Ranger Center, formerly the Arizona State Maximum Security Prison, located deep within the inhospitable Arizona desert, where the nation's condemned to death awaited their execution. For self-sufficiency, the prison was also built with light industrial manufacturing facilities.

In 1998, when the global thermonuclear war finally happened, the prison was taken over by a group of US Army Engineers and the inmates expelled into the surrounding deserts. The new owners quickly converted the facility to suit their needs and rechristened it Ranger Center. Over the years, members of surrounding survivalist communities were invited to join the Rangers, and the Center grew. By 2087 it was one of the most prosperous settlements in the wastes.

In-game[edit | edit source]

The Ranger Center is where all new parties begin their adventure in Wasteland. It is also here that new characters can be created and old disbanded, even late in the game.

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