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Reagan Reborn is a quest in Wasteland 3.


The Gippers want to transfer the AI mind of "Reagan" into a human body. They need an ancient piece of technology to do it and the robots at the Machine Commune have it. Alternately, we can use it to steal the Reagan intelligence and transmit it to another mainframe.


  • Ah, to bring the Gipper back... This mission will decide the fate of Reagan's AI and Valor Buchanan. But first things first. Once you arrive at the Denver Ruins, you will be invited by the God-President Ronald Reagan to the Western White House, located at the far western part of the map. You'll be introduced to Mother Nancy Reliance, Valor Buchanan, and the digitized Reagan consciousness. They'll ask you to recover the cybernetic transfer module from the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport, so that they can transfer Reagan into a more suitable, ambulatory body.
  • The Machine Intelligence Tower over at the Airport will react depending on your prior interactions with synths and robots at or near Denver, and will outline a different option: Instead of transferring the iGipper to a new body, it will ask you to return it to the MIT.
  • At this point you can return to Nancy Reliance. After thanking you for retrieving it, she will give you the honor of pressing the button (if you use Kiss Ass 5 to handle the process). Valor will be eager to be joined with Reagan, until he realizes that he'll be overwritten by the God-President. At this point, you can:
    • Do as the Gippers want and return the CTM to Nancy Reliance, then transfer Reagan into Valor Buchanan's body, overwriting his mind. This will complete the mission, grant you Reagan's Gaze, Which will majorly piss the Patriarch off and will cause the machine commune to refuse to interact with you.
    • Do as the Machine Intelligence wants and transfer Reagan to them at the Denver airport. This will result in Party Pal as a follower, who will heal everyone in combat. This will cause the Gippers to attack and result in a swift eradication of their little cult. Afterwards, you can arrest or kill Valor, who will be unharmed (as it turns out, he doesn't like brain death).
    • Do as the Rangers do and choose a third option that will make everyone angry: Transmit Reagan back to Ranger HQ at Peterson Air Force Base, then blackmail the Gippers into releasing Valor into your care (to arrest or put a bullet in his head). This will give you an iGipper at home, but will piss off both the Gippers and the Machine Commune (both of who will remain non-hostile, but for most part refuse to interact with you). This is the only way to restore the flow of oil to Colorado Springs AND return Valor to The Patriarch without pissing him off.
  • Either way, the quest resolved. It's also resolved if you take the Gipper and sell him to a merchant, which will result in nobody liking you (but on the other hand, it will let the free market verify his value). Note that if you want to engineer a peaceful transfer of power, you need to keep the oil flowing by either satisfying the Gippers' demands or blackmailing them.


Raw strings[]

Reagan Reborn
Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport.
Valor erased and replaced with Reagan
Return to Reagan, Valor, and Mother Nancy Reliance at the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.
Cured Commune
Sold to a merchant
Return to the Machine Intelligence Tower in the Denver Airport.
Repair the M.I. Tower, cure the Machine Commune.
Hope you're comfy, Ron.
END STATE 4 - (FAIL) - Attacked the Gippers before the Transfer Ceremony.
At war with both Gippers and Commune
Download the Reagan AI from the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.
Conflict with both Machine Commune and Gippers.
Attacked Gippers before getting transfer module
Reagan at Commune
Goodnight, sweet prince.
Return to the Western Whitehouse with the Cybernetic Transfer Module.
Reagan destroyed
Attend an audience with the God-President inside the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.
Took Reagan Hostage
The God-President could use our help.
The Gippers want to transfer the AI mind of \"Reagan\" into a human body. They need an ancient piece of technology to do it and the robots at the Machine Commune have it.\n\n\n[Reward: [Dropset: DRP_b3001_MotherReliance_ReaganReborn_Reward]]
We helped the Gippers erase Valor's brain, replacing him with \"Reagan.\"
The M. I. Tower gave us the Cybernetic Transfer Module, which can be used to download Reagan into a loyal Gipper. Alternately, we can use it to steal the Reagan intelligence and transmit it to another mainframe.\n\n\n[Reward: [Dropset: DRP_b3001_MotherReliance_ReaganReborn_Reward] or Party Pal robot]
We stole Reagan from the Gippers and delivered him successfully to the Commune.
We made everyone angry and sold Reagan to a merchant.
Take the Reagan intelligence to the M.I. Tower in the Machine Commune.
Repair the M.I. Tower, cure the Machine Commune.
BTW, you're at war with the Gippers now, too. Good going, champ!
Fail state. The Rangers won't be able to get the CTM, and if they already have it, they don't have the knowledge to use it. NOTE: This only occurs if they attack the Gippers BEFORE the Transfer ceremony. This Ending is cut off once the Transfer is initiated (but the Rangers can still get into a fight with the Gippers).
Now that we're at war with both the Gippers AND the Machine Commune, there's no place for Reagan to go.
Fight your way to the Reagan AI, then start hunting for a port that's compatible with this device.\n\n\n[Reward: Party Pal robot]
We ended up in a conflict with both the Gippers and the Machine Commune, so Reagan won't be \"Reborn\" anytime soon.
We decided not to play \"fetch\" for The Gippers. Things got messy.
We stole Reagan from the Gippers and delivered him to the Machine Commune. In exchange, the Commune has sent the robot \"Party Pal\" to help our team.
We destroyed the Commune and took the Cybernetic Transfer Module.
The Reagan intelligence has been destroyed.
Meet Mother Nancy Reliance and \"Reagan\" inside the Western Whitehouse at the north-west corner of the Denver Ruins.
We stole Reagan from the Gippers. He's stashed in the mainframe at Peterson Airforce base.
The Machine Intelligence Tower claims the Reagan AI is being held captive by the Gippers and wants us to free it. It warned us that the Gippers won't let us take Reagan without a fight.
We got the device the Gippers asked for, but had to destroy the Machine Commune to do it.
Valor explained that the Cybernetic Transfer Module was created before the war. Allegedly, it erased the brain of a human researcher, which halted its development.
The Machine Intelligence Tower warned us that using the device to \"transfer\" Reagan into a human host will erase the original human's brain, effectively killing them.
The Machine Intelligence Tower has asked for a meeting with us. It is located in the north-east corner of the Denver Airport.
We can get the Cybernetic Transfer Module from something called the \"Machine Intelligence Tower.\" It will radio when it's ready to talk. Until then we've been encouraged to \"hang out\" and talk to members of the Commune.
\"Party Pal' sure knows how to make an entrance!
The M.I. Tower sent Party Pal to help us."