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Red Skorpion Militia is a faction in Wasteland 2.


The Red Skorpion Militia was formed under the leadership of Robert Danforth, as an alternative to the Desert Rangers. Officially dedicated to bringing law and order to the wasteland, the Skorpions found themselves in over their heads when they realized that doing so requires a stable resource base.

The militia operates in and around the former headquarters of the Desert Rangers, towards whom they are very hostile.

Its members tattoo emblems of the organization on their body.[1]

During the Team Echo expedition, Danforth's diseased dogs were cured of their illness, with Danforth showing up to assist the Rangers during times of need.[2]


Behind the scenes[]


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  2. No Way Home p.34: "“The Red Skorpions used to be a gang,” Angela told him. “Calling themselves a ‘Militia’ was some fool’s way of making folks believe they were a respectable outfit, just so they could run scams on the farmers. Who they are now, though… it might not be the same. We saved Danforth’s dogs once. He was their leader. Ya know, in case it made peace.”
    “I met him at the Citadel,” Thomas said. “I can’t speak to what happened with the treaty the general wanted, after his passing, but this Danforth showed up when he was needed, which isn’t nothing."