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Red Skorpion Militia is a faction in Wasteland 2.


The Red Skorpion Militia was formed under the leadership of Robert Danforth, as an alternative to the Desert Rangers. Officially dedicated to bringing law and order to the wasteland, the Skorpions found themselves in over their heads when they realized that doing so requires a stable resource base. To secure one, the militia seized the former headquarters of the Desert Rangers, establishing their own power base and a planned community called Happy Valley: A stretch of farms under overseers loyal to Danforth and his vision of Arizona. The Rangers, stretched thin after the Cochise war and the cautious policies of Vargas, grudgingly gave ground to RSM militiamen, who took to tattooing the scorpion on their body as a sign of loyalty.[1]

During the Team Echo expedition, Danforth's diseased dogs were cured of their illness, with Danforth showing up to assist the Rangers during times of need.[2] However, the scars left by the Rangers did not heal, and Danforth continued to plot against the Rangers and look for a plan to secure control over Arizona's settlements. After the loss of the Citadel, the Rangers were on the ropes and the RSM steadily took outlying settlements under their care, before finally assaulting the Rail Nomads and enslaving the Topekans and Atchisons. They were put to work on building an armored train equipped with a long-range artillery piece, to shell and destroy the Ranger base camp at the radio tower. It was only Angela Deth's insubordination and refusal to follow orders that saved the day: Deth investigated the camp, realized what was happening, and broke free after capture. The train was derailed by blowing up a rail bridge over a dry river bed as it was about to cross it, while the main force led by Danforth was defeated after Angela and her party joined forces with Ranger remnants, pushed into the camp, and killed Danforth. Without solid leadership, the RSM quickly dispersed into the wasteland.[3]


The RSM are encountered in the Prison area, the old Ranger stomping grounds. Dealing with them is necessary to gain entrance to the Canyon of Titan, and the Rangers will have to choose whether to open fire and don't ask questions, or look for a work-around. The problem here is that the RSM are quite aggressive in their "utopia" and dealing with them may be difficult.

Behind the scenes[]


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