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Return William Brown's stolen pigs is a quest in Wasteland 2.

Howday. bacon lovers! Did you see my pigs is back? Ain't they the cutest things!
~ William Brown


William Brown is a farmer in the Happy Valley area. He's very unhappy, as the RSM stole his pigs and handed them over to Jim Auwaerter.


There are only two ways to complete this quest;

You MUST preemptively disarm all of the landmines using the Demolitions skill on your way to Jobe's Farm. Failure to do so will result in the loss of pigs, and while none is recorded, a possible loss in experience points gained upon completion.

  1. The first option is to fight your way through the entirety of Jobe's Farm before(or after) releasing the pigs.
  2. The second option is the pacifist route, and it is completed as follows;
    1. Using Brute Force, break down the gate on the Eastern fence. Then, on the Northern fence gate directly above that, use Brute Force again to break the second gate.
    2. Running through the path you just opened will lead you to the northern gate of the pigs' pen. Use Brute Force once more to break this gate.
    3. Meet back with William Brown to receive your Experience reward, and successfully complete this quest.
Return William Brown's Stolen Pigs 1.jpg
Breaking down the correct Eastern and Northern gates of Jobe's Farm is a crucial step in completing this quest without violence.
Return William Brown's Stolen Pigs 2.jpg
The third and final gate to be broken is on the Northern fence of the pigs' pen. Break this gate last, or the pigs will go through the farm, initiating combat(which is a viable option).

Saving all three of the pigs is not a requirement, although William's dialogue will differ slightly depending on how many pigs return to his farm.


You're rewarded with Experience, but nothing else.

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