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Robert Danforth, formerly known as Bobby, is the leader of the Red Skorpion Militia.


The leader of the Red Skorpion Militia is younger than you expected. Hardly out of his twenties. A broad-shouldered guy with a baby face that no amount of armor or scruffy beard can hide. Despite his young age, Danforth has enough hate to last a dozen men three lifetimes. It is a function of his experiences: In the past, he was shot by Desert Rangers and left for dead. Buried by his peers, he clawed his way to the surface and managed to survive, swearing vengeance. Ever since he founded the Red Skorpion Militia, he has been a thorn in the Rangers' side.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • He is named after Wasteland and Wasteland 2 developer Liz Danforth, who also created the original Bobby and Rex scenario for Wasteland, including the ability to engage in a gunfight with a child and killing them.[1]


If the Wasteland teaches us anything, it's that for every action there is a consequence, and for every consequence you anticipate, there are ten more you didn't. No one embodies that more than Robert Danforth, leader of the Red Skorpion Militia. A lot of people wonder why the Rangers and the Militia can't just get along and work together. Danforth's story is the reason why.

Back when Danforth was just a kid named Bobby, he lived in Highpool with his dog Rex. When Rex went rabid, Bobby hid him in a cave. A passing Desert Ranger found Rex and shot him. This infuriated Bobby and he attacked the Rangers with a BB gun. Thinking he was armed with a real gun, they shot him in self-defense. They thought they had killed the boy, and although they owned up to it, they left Highpool in a state that it was a long time recovering from.

But Bobby didn't die, nor did his hatred of the Rangers, who he felt didn't deserve to be law officers. So, as an alternative, the now grown-up Robert Danforth founded the Red Skorpion Militia and headquartered the group in the Rangers' old prison base.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide