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Robots and Rangers for Real is a cassette tape in Wasteland 3.


The label simply reads, \"Best. Game. Ever?\"


You descend the narrow stairs and find the door to the bunker slightly ajar.
I-I listen at the door.
Make a Perception roll.
Don't roll on the gravestone!
It's awful dark out here. Maybe we should go inside.
This was your idea! You said it would be cool to play a game in the park!
I got a 15! Do I hear anything?
You hear a faint scraping sound inside... like the sound of a skeletal foot dragging across stone. It's coming closer...
Did you hear that?
Sounds like some kind of fucked up-synth-
No! In the trees! There's something out there!
It's just the wind-
AAAHHHH! A pale dog! There's a pale dog watching us!
What? Where? I don't see-
It's coming after us! RUN!