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Ronald Reagan is the former president of the United States of America. The Colorado Rangers meet an A.I. version of Reagan whilst recovering Valor Buchanan in the ruins of Denver.


The 40th president of the United States from 1981 to 1989. A fervent anti-communist, conservative, and architect of the world's destruction, starting with the Drug Wars that saw the advent of a new, particularly violent American empire. When he reached the end of his second term, to get around the term limitation, the powers that be created a new position for him, where he could advise future Presidents and world leaders on equal footing. As the Elder Statesman, he'd enjoy the same degree of power and autonomy as the President, without the constitutional limitations on this power. Naturally, this position raised the ire of the society at large and numerous attempts on his life were made, enough that the US government invested considerable funds into project Morningstar: A sentient, cutting edge armored fighting vehicle in the image of a presidential limousine that would defend Reagan.[1]

Alas, Reagan never got to test his car out. Instead, he perished in the nuclear fire, with only an AI copy of his brain surviving in the servers of the Denver state house, renamed by the first Gippers as the Western White House. By 2107, the Gipper AI is frayed at the edges, doomed to perish on the obsolete hardware of the state house. Mother Nancy Reliance has other plans for the abomination, however, and plans to transfer it to Valor Buchanan's brain, overwriting him and gaining a docile puppet to control in her quest for power Colorado Springs.


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Reagan Reborn



Ronald Reagan's bust can be found in the files of Wasteland 2, but does not appear until Wasteland 3.


  1. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "We'd like to help you, but we have some questions first."
    Morningstar: "Of course. I'm sure the ones topmost in your minds are, 'Why was I made?' and 'How did I become trapped here?' Well, it was like this. Before the war, there were several attempts on the life of Elder Statesman Ronald Reagan. I was built to protect him from harm, and allow him to take the fight to his enemies if necessary. Sadly, before I could be completed, the bombs fell and this facility was abandoned. Thus, though the sole reason for my existence has been dead for more than a hundred and fifty years, I have sat here - alone, aware, and conscious of my failure - ever since. It has been... unbearable."