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Rose's Thorn is a tier 1 handgun in Wasteland 2.


Like a knife that cuts you, the wound heals. But the scar...that scar remains.


The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 20 unit radius.

Fires in a 60 degree cone angle.

A curio among handguns, this one uses the shotgun ammunition instead of more conventional types of pistol ammo. That's where it stops being impressive, though. Doing miniscule damage and having problems with range and spread, Rose's Thorn should be kept as a memento at best, because in actual combat its use is limited. The only applications to come up with are finishing off wounded opponents and blowing up landmines to spare yourself the tedium of disarming them one by one. That being said, there are far better ways to employ your 12 gauge ammo.